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Link: Unreality Magazine

I will admit, a few of my posts so far have been from another site I tend to view on a daily basis:

The main reason why is because they post a variety of information, from funny images, to game news, to tv show reviews.

It has to be one of my favourite sites due to the sheer amount of content and I recommend you check it out if you have enjoyed any of my posts so far. Although I probably will be posting some of their links as well, I will only be putting up the ones I have enjoyed.

The best one of today is for all you Age of Empires fans. Click the link below to view.

Link Here


This child is DOOMed…lol

Every time I see a video like this, it gives me many ideas for the pranks I can pull on my future children. Such as a water pistol fight where I use orange juice instead of water. Or something really smelly.

I think I am going to be a great Dad lol ūüėÄ

Skill Video: Flying madman (Battlefield 3)

This guy is insane

When two Tribes go to war

The new Tribes game looks AWESOME!.

I remember playing the first and third games so many times in multiplayer. The 2 game in the series was terrible as ¬†there was too much fog and it never ran smooth on any PC I tried in on, even 4 years after it’s launch. Tribes¬†Vengeance¬†(the 3rd game) was brilliant, adding a story driven single player campaign and using the unreal engine (2.5 I think). I remember a friend seeing me play and asked if I was cheating (as I was flying around the map on the jet pack). At the time he was only¬†familiar¬†with Counter Strike as an FPS. I have educated him now ūüėČ

Needless to say, I will be watching this one closely, as it looks rather promising

Why, Halo there

Another Art book has been released (to coincide with Halo CE:¬†Anniversary) and looks like it could be an interesting read. The book they released at the time of Halo 2 was filled with beautiful artwork and a great insight into the development of the game. It wasn’t as detailed as the Hall-Life 2 book “Raising the bar”, but was good as a coffee table book. It’ll be interesting to see how they did this book.

Link to book on to

Halo Wars DLC Achievement Guide

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