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Link: Unreality Magazine

I will admit, a few of my posts so far have been from another site I tend to view on a daily basis:

The main reason why is because they post a variety of information, from funny images, to game news, to tv show reviews.

It has to be one of my favourite sites due to the sheer amount of content and I recommend you check it out if you have enjoyed any of my posts so far. Although I probably will be posting some of their links as well, I will only be putting up the ones I have enjoyed.

The best one of today is for all you Age of Empires fans. Click the link below to view.

Link Here



There are some stunning images here. I love the one with the ant. Mainly because I like insects, or at least I did as a kid. I subscribed (or my parents did for me rather) to BUGS magazine, complete with the glow in the dark build your own spider.  I even wanted to be an entomologist. Then I discovered girls were more interesting.

In any case, here are some of the images. The source I found them from is here: LINK

How the Daleks saved Christmas


How the Daleks saved Christmas


Optical illusion #1

This is freaky. Give it a go.

Optical Illuson #1

Christmas card (NSFW – Swearing)

I was asked by a colleague what is the best program to create a greeting card in. I tend to use GIMP portable (Link), as it gives you similar abilities to Photoshop (well, at the level I use it at anyway) yet is free and fits on a USB stick.

Here is the result. It’s very simple (even for me), but thought I would post anyway as it is rather amusing.

If you know of a different design for this type of card, please let me know.

Note: It is laid out like this so it can be printed duplex. I printed it in MSPaint (shudder) and set it to 2 pages wide, 1 page high, and printed 2-sided on the printer.

Awesome Fan made poster

Wish I was this talented. I especially like the Avengers one for simplifying the colours of the characters

This one:

Check out his other work here: