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Alien 0 trailer (better known as Prometheus trailer)

Prequel to Alien? Directed by Alien director Ridly Scott? This is what to expect?



When two Tribes go to war

The new Tribes game looks AWESOME!.

I remember playing the first and third games so many times in multiplayer. The 2 game in the series was terrible as  there was too much fog and it never ran smooth on any PC I tried in on, even 4 years after it’s launch. Tribes Vengeance (the 3rd game) was brilliant, adding a story driven single player campaign and using the unreal engine (2.5 I think). I remember a friend seeing me play and asked if I was cheating (as I was flying around the map on the jet pack). At the time he was only familiar with Counter Strike as an FPS. I have educated him now 😉

Needless to say, I will be watching this one closely, as it looks rather promising