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Darth Christmas – Flash Mob

Yet another flash mob. This time it’s Darth Vader conducting them:

Speaking of Darth Vader and Christmas, Tomorrow is Ace Comics (Colchester, Essex)’s Vader Grotto:



Jedi Ninjas….

…next it will be zombie Jedi…oh wait





Wild Bear…is a gentleman

I don’t know why, but every time I see an animal do human things, I think it’s cute. Well, unless the human thing is along the lines of starring on X-factor. No animal should have to suffer that.

How the Daleks saved Christmas


How the Daleks saved Christmas


George Carlin’s Incomplete list of Impolite words [NSFW – language]

I am a huge fan of George Carlin (RIP) and one of my favourite sketches of his is this:

Below are the words in order 🙂

Godamn, bitch, bastard, crud, crap, turd, shit, dingleberry,
piss,iddle, leak, mung, cheese, laying some cable, dropping a load, ass,
booty, hiney, tokhes, bum, buns, rump, cheeks, tits, jugs, bazooms,
knockers, knobs, lungs, balloons, brown eyes, balls, nuts, onions, jewels,
rocks, stones, ballbag, jism,come,shoot, cream, wad, juice, peckertracks,
pearl necklace, crabs, dose, syph, clap, gleet, raincoat, scumbag, rubber,
gasket, french tickler, dildo, fuck, screw, lay, diddle, push, plow, hump,
cut, bang, poke, batter, wham, beef injection, vitamin F, knock-up,
putout, dipyourwick, hide the salami, quickie, nooner, matinee, pop your
cookies, bust your nuts, get your rocks off, bananas & cream, piece of
ass, nookie, poontang, cunt, cooz, cooch, crack, gash, notch, twat, slash,
ginch, hole, hatch, slit, snatch, quim, bob, snapper, beaver, tail, pussy,
muff, bearded clam, furburger, tuna taco, bush, hair pie, wooley booger,
glory hole, merkin, mucket, button, clit, cherry, clamp, snappin’ pussy,
taint, boy in the boat, man in the canoe, mutt rag, on the rag, flying the
flag, riding the cotton pony, having the painters in, hard-on, rod-on,
bone-on, boner, stiff, piss hard, wet dream, hot nuts, horny, randy, blue
balls, lovers nuts, cunt struck, queefer, pussy fart, asshole, bunghole,
little brown eyeball, bugger, brown, ream, cornhole, buttfuck, backdoor,
bite the brown, sugar bowl pie, mustard road, up the old dirt road,
hershey highway, fudge packer, pound cake, finger fuck, dry hump, cop a
feel, tit fuck, french fuck, one man band, hand job, french job, blow job,
head job, rim job, hum job, pipe job, suckoff, give head, give face,
gobble, cop a stem, cop a doodle, go down on, muff dive, moustache ride,
sit on one’s face, yodeling in the gulley, sixty-nine, seventy-one,
sixty-eight, golden showers, around the world, daisy chain, sloppy
seconds, dog style, mongolian cluster fuck, group grope, gang bang, circle
jerk, well hung, dick, prick, dork, dong, tong, doniker, dingus, wang,
schlong, schwanz, schmuck, putz, pork, pecker, peter, prong, tool, rod,
hammer, shaft, stick, snake, knob, lob, stem, root, joint, piece, gun,
meat, beef, pork, weenie, skin flute, meat whistle, talleywacker, middle
leg, short arm, rod of love, joy stick, love muscle, dingdong, tube steak,
pink pencil, bald headded mouse, trowser snake, one eyed monster, one eyed
wonder worm, jelly roll, puddin’, jerkoff, jackoff, whackoff, pulloff,
beatoff, fist fuck, wanking, beating your meat, flogging your dong,
pounding your pud, bleeding your weed, stroking it, giving it a tug,
beating the bishop, jerk the gherkin, shootin’ putty at the moon, pocket
pool, pimp, hooker, trick, queer, queen, punk, faggot, quiff, dyke, diesel
dyke, lezzie, bulldagger, box lunch, seafood, rough trade, eat me, fuck
you, up your ass, fuck off, piss off,piss on you, stick it, stuff it,
shove it, ram it, jam it, cram it, sit on it, get laid, get in, get off,
get it on, get it up, mother fucker, cock sucker, old fart, fart face,
fart sniffer, cocksman, scatfan, asshole, peckerhead, scumbag, fuck up,
fuck off, ball breaker, ball buster, a real pisser, cock teaser,
cuntslapper, ass kisser, brown nose, shitass, shit heel, douchebag,

Also, I discovered someone compiled this list, putting it into categories:



Skill Video: Flying madman (Battlefield 3)

This guy is insane

Neighbours gets gritty

This is too funny. Shame it never aired.

Diablo Costume

Cos play can be a weird thing. On the one hand it is fun to dress up like a character from your favourite game/film/comic, but it also is quite nerdy if not done at halloween.

When people create fantastic costumes like the one below, it stops being nerdy and becomes awesome instead. True story.

I love the mouth on this thing, makes this seem more realistic and scary.

When two Tribes go to war

The new Tribes game looks AWESOME!.

I remember playing the first and third games so many times in multiplayer. The 2 game in the series was terrible as  there was too much fog and it never ran smooth on any PC I tried in on, even 4 years after it’s launch. Tribes Vengeance (the 3rd game) was brilliant, adding a story driven single player campaign and using the unreal engine (2.5 I think). I remember a friend seeing me play and asked if I was cheating (as I was flying around the map on the jet pack). At the time he was only familiar with Counter Strike as an FPS. I have educated him now 😉

Needless to say, I will be watching this one closely, as it looks rather promising

Why, Halo there

Another Art book has been released (to coincide with Halo CE: Anniversary) and looks like it could be an interesting read. The book they released at the time of Halo 2 was filled with beautiful artwork and a great insight into the development of the game. It wasn’t as detailed as the Hall-Life 2 book “Raising the bar”, but was good as a coffee table book. It’ll be interesting to see how they did this book.

Link to book on to